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Welcome to my website! I’m Dr Tom Thorpe, a Belfast resident, Belfast Green Badge Tour guide and local historian.

I lead a variety of Belfast walking tours around the city centre. These include:

  • People & Places: a general introduction to the fascinating individuals, places and events that have shaped Belfast’s history.
  • Diseases & Drs: learn about Belfast’s medical past detailing the plagues and pestilence that affected the health and wellbeing of the population from the 1750s.
  • Buildings & Bricks: explore the rich and diverse religious, municipal and commercial architecture of the city centre.
  • Queen’s Quarter: discover the interesting buildings, gardens and public art around Queen’s University in south Belfast.
  • Belfast Blitz during the Second World War: learn about the aerial bombing raids which extensively damaged Belfast’s city centre and claimed over 1,000 lives during April and May 1941.
  • Titanic Quarter and Maritime Belfast: a voyage through Belfast’s historic Titanic Quarter to discover the city’s docks, shipyards, naval heritage and how the Titanic was built.
  • Belfast’s Troubles Walking Tour A journey through divided communities and a shared complex history.
  • AntiSlavery Belfast: delve into Belfast’s role in the transatlantic slave trade and its role in slavery’s abolition. This link takes you to another website. This is a project that I run with colleague and friend Mark Doherty.

I also do bespoke tours for individuals and groups

For more information, contact me on contact@drtomstours.com or use the form here.

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For more information, contact me on contact@drtomstours.com or use the form here.

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