This cabinet contains two examples of Bronze age gold jewellery; the Corrard Torc and Inch Bulla. Both date from around 3,000 years ago and are fine examples of Celtic metalwork.

The Torc (above) was found at Corrard, County Fermanagh in 2009 by Ronnie Johnston. He thought it was a car engine spring and thought nothing of it until he saw something similar in a magazine.

The torc was originally a circular shape that went around the neck or waist; it is not known why this was coiled. It weighs 720g and the metal would fetch around £30k based on the weight of the gold alone. It has been said that British Museum has valued it at £150k.

The Bulla (Latin for bubble), below, was found at Inch, near Downpatrick in 2008. It is a small pendant filled with clay, either to help shape it or give it some weight.

Both items were acquired for the UM under the 1996 Treasure Act that aims preserve items of unique heritage and importance for the nation.