On 21st April, unidentified bodies of those people killed during the 15/6 April raid were buried in mass graves in Belfast City Cemetery and Milltown Cemetery. Protestants were buried in the former and Catholics in the latter.

The memorial in Belfast City Cemetery held the bodies of 123 citizens killed on 15/6 April and 31 killed during the raid of 4/5 May. This memorial was built in the late 1940s.


Between 7th April and 6th May 1941, four aerial bombing raids on Belfast killed over 900 people, injured 1,500 and damaged about half of the city’s homes. Thousands were made homeless and over 100,000 residents fled to the country. This period in Belfast’s history has become known as the Belfast Blitz. To mark the 81st anniversary, key events each day over the Blitz period are being retold here on this website and also on Twitter (@drtomstours).