I will be leading walking Blitz walking tours in central Belfast throughout 2022.


During the Easter and Spring of 1941, the German air force launched a series of devastating raids against Belfast, causing widespread damage, death and destruction.

The Belfast Blitz is one of the unhappiest elements of modern Belfast history is that almost everyone forgets.

Between 7-8 April to 5-6 May 1941, the German air force launched four aerial bombing raids against Belfast to attack its war factories and shipbuilding facilities.

As a result of the raids, over 900 lives were lost, 1,500 people were injured, 400 of them seriously. Fifty thousand houses, more than half the homes in the city, were damaged. Eleven churches, two hospitals and two schools were destroyed.

Belfast endured some of the most damaging bombing experienced by any city in the UK. Over 100,000 Belfast residents were left homeless and the city’s industrial contribution to the British war effort was temporarily crippled.

On the tour, you will hear the personal stories of those who suffered, lost love ones and lived through the bombings. You will also learn why the city was such a key German target and why it had been left so badly defended. Finally, we shall consider the legacy of the aerial bombardment that affected both the Catholic nationalist and Protestant unionist communities and brought them, briefly, closer together.

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You can book

The dates are:

7 May 2022 Saturday, 10.30 start.

15 May 2022 Sunday, 10.30 start.

22 May 2022 Sunday, 10.30 start.

28 May 2022 Saturday, 10.30 start.

11 June 2022 Saturday, 10.30 start.

26 June 2022 Sunday, 10.30 start.

16 July 2022 Saturday, 10.30 start.

30 July 2022 Saturday, 10.30 start.

13 August 2022 Saturday, 10.30 start.

4 September 2022 Sunday, 10.30 start.

17 September 2022 Saturday, 10.30 start.


• START: The tour is 2 hours; departs from Writers’ Square (Opposite St Anne’s Cathedral). Times will be depend on date.

• LANGUAGE: All tours are delivered in English.

• MEET: opposite St Anne’s Cathedral in Writers’ Square, Donegall Street (postcode BT1 1DL for GPS)

• END: Approximately 2 hours later at opposite the Cathedral in Writers’ Square, Donegall Street (postcode BT1 1DL for GPS)

• COST: 18.50 GBP per adult (16 and over); minimum group is 5 adults, maximum is 15.

• INCLUDED: tour guide.

• EXCLUDED: refreshments/transport.


• Wear comfortable shoes.

• Be prepared for rain; dress appropriately; Belfast weather is changeable!

• Use designated crossings to cross roads.

• Most of tour on pedestrian areas; all flat, no stairs.

• Be aware of cyclists, traffic and street crime (e.g. don’t flash money around).

To help reduce the spread of COVID, the following actions will be undertaken:

• The guide will keep a 2m distance.

• Guests may want to wear masks at all times and remain socially distant unless they are from the same household.

• We will only stop at places where we are out of the way of closely-passing pedestrians.

• Hand sanitizing gel will be carried by the guide if the need for its use arises.