Glass of Thrones


Apr 11, 2023
Glass of Thrones, created by Northern Ireland Tourism to mark the filming of the HBO's Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland.

In 2021, to celebrate the 10 years of filming of HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland, Tourism Ireland created six giant, stained glass windows depicting some of the most iconic scenes from the series.

These windows – known as the Glass of Thrones – mark a walking trail around the Maritime Mile ending up at Titanic Studios where much of the series was filmed. The six windows start at the AC Hotel and each window depicts different scenes from the first seven seasons of the programme.

1.AC Hotel. This was unveiled to coincide with the first episode of eighth and final series. It depicts Jon Snow wielding Longclaw at the Battle of Bastards and Bran as the three-eyed raven.

2.East end of Lagan Weir. This features a portrait of the Red Woman, Gendry’s war hammer and a shadow assassin, some of House Baratheon’s most iconic moments.

3.Odyssey Point. This window is dedicated to House Targaryen. It shows Daenerys riding a fire-breathing dragon and includes Viserys’ unforgettable death by molten gold.

4.SS Nomadic. This window features is themed on the White Walker and features the Wall, Hodor’s death and the advance of the army of the dead on a partially frozen lake.

5. Titanic Slipways. Located on the Titanic Slipways next to Titanic Studios the fifth window features the iconic Iron Throne.

6. HMS Caroline. The final window at HMS Caroline focuses on the trials and triumphs of House Lannister.

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