Moravian Church, University Road

The Church was purpose built for a Moravian congregation in 1871, fashioned in the Gothic style.[1]

The Moravian Church is one of the oldest Protestant denominations in Christianity, dating back to the Bohemian Reformation of the 15th century. Moravia is an area of the modern day eastern Czech Republic but in the 1400s was part of the Kingdom of Bohemia.

The present or ‘renewed church’ dates from 1727 when refugees, initially from Moravia, but also from other states, were granted permission to settle on lands belonging to Count Nicholas von Zinzendorf in Saxony.

The Church had sent missionaries across Europe and groups were established in London and other parts of the United Kingdom.

The Moravian Church teaches the necessity of the New Birth (spiritual rebirth), piety, pacifism, evangelism (especially missionary work), and doing good works.

As such, the Moravian Brethren hold strongly that Christianity is a religion that emphasizes the “greatness of Christ” and holds the Bible to be the “source of all religious truths”.

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[1] Norman Weatherall & George Templeton, South Belfast (Dublin, Ireland: Nonsuch Publishing, 2008), p.58.