Sir James Murray lived in a house on this site. He was a physician that invented Milk of Magnesia.

Sir James Murray (1788–1871) was an Irish physician, who in 1809 discovered the stomach aid medication, Milk of Magnesia, that helped with digestion, heart burn and acid reflux.

The Milk’s based ingredient, magnesium sulfate, had long been known for its benefits in digestion and as an aid for constipation. Murray developed a solution with a sweet tasting syrup which made drinking the mixture palatable, especially for children.

Murray was born in Derry in 1788 and trained at the Edinburgh College of Surgeons where he became a licentiate in midwifery in 1807.

After receiving his qualification, Murray was appointed the resident medical officer at a hospital in Belfast. His career flourished under the hospital’s patron, George Chichester, 3rd Marquess of Donegall.

He lived in a house on the junction of Bridge Street and High Street in Central Belfast.