Belfast City Hall


Jan 17, 2023
Belfast City Hall, Donegall Square. central Belfast.

It is the municipal headquarters, meeting venue and civic building for Belfast City Council located in Donegall Square, Belfast.

The City Hall is located in the Linen Quarter as the site it occupied was once the home of the White Linen Hall, an important international Linen Exchange. The White Linen Hall, constructed in 1780s was knocked down in the 1890s to make way for the City Hall which was completed in 1906.

Plans for the City Hall began in 1888 when Belfast was awarded city status by Queen Victoria. A town hall had only been completed 18 years before, the building is still standing in Victoria Street.

The City Hall was designed by Sir Alfred Brumwell Thomas in the Baroque Revival style, was built in Portland Stone at a cost of £369,000 (around £128mn today).

The city hall in Durban, South Africa is almost an exact replica of Belfast’s City Hall and was built in 1910 by Stanley G. Hudson, who was inspired by the Belfast design.

The interior has a number of notable features including the Porte-Cochère and Grand Entrance, a grand staircase, reception room and banqueting hall. The roof above the Banqueting Hall was destroyed during the Belfast blitz on the night of 4/5 May 1941 and had to be rebuilt.

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